Wilson Wootton is proud to be asked to photograph 'Svizzera240', the Swiss contribution to the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture.


The exhibition LANDSCAPE x SPECTACLE at Luis Leu Karlsruhe brings together works by architectural and graphic designer Adrianne Wilson Joergensen and lens-based artist Tobias Wootton in an open-studio format. Using landscape as their common ground, Adrianne’s work explores its capacity as a spectacle, while Tobias investigates it as backdrop for spectacular events. Adrianne premieres a series of risograph prints of the ‘Volcanarium’ drawings with entries from her travelogue. Tobias showcases works in progress from his ongoing ‘Architecture of Spectacle’ series. The exhibition thus marks the first public presentation by the duo’s creative collaboration, WILSON WOOTTON.

For the past three years, Adrianne has traveled to the active volcanoes of Java, Indonesia, to research them as very large architectural objects. Her drawings expand on the works of nineteenth-century explorers such as Alexander von Humboldt by experimenting with multiple planes of representation to relate the volcano's activity to its various modes of human occupancy. The resulting 'Volcanarium' series of drawn volcano contrasts our contemporary sense of wonder with  the volcano against the long historic geological processes that produce them. The drawings have  been published in Drawing Futures at The Bartlett and SOILED Journal in the United States, and exhibited at NUS Museum in Singapore and at the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Tobias’ current work, the ‘Architecture of Spectacle,’ examines purpose-built temporary structures for extreme sport events as architectural devices. The images depict mountain-based sports, from slopestyle and downhill mountain biking to big air snowboarding and downhill four-cross ice-skating.  The latest addition to this series documents the transformation of Singapore’s city center into one of Formula 1 racing’s more challenging courses. Construction of the track can be traced from the annual barricading of the streets through historic processes of land reclamation and urban development surrounding the course area. A selection of the ‘Architecture of Spectacle’ images was recently published in the Kings Review ‘Extremes’ issue, from the University of Cambridge.    

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